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Citrus County Waterfront
It is said that people are instinctively attracted to water. They desire its tranquility, the sight of the rippling surface flashing in the warm Florida sunshine, the hushed whisper of it as it gently caresses lakeside docks and towering cypress tree trunks.

Nestled along the state's west coast, Citrus County abounds with prime waterfront property that attracts thousands of residents each year.

While the west side of the county hugs the Gulf of Mexico, the east side of the county is rimmed with a sparkling chain of freshwater lakes.

The Withlacoochee River also meanders through this part of the county.

The Lake Tsala Apopka chain Native American for "many waters" is comprised of around 50 smaller lakes. There are three main pools to the chain: the Inverness Pool, the Floral City Pool, and the Hernando Pool.

Each of these pools provide beautiful views of natural vegetation and wildlife. Glimpse majestic blue herons as they skim the surface of the lakes; see freshwater bass burst forth to snap up a mid-afternoon snack; listen to the gentle rustle of grasses and reeds that sway in the breeze.

For leisure fishermen, enjoy a quiet afternoon of bass fishing. Jet skiing and water skiing are also popular recreations that folks engage in.

The Withlacoochee River offers fishermen some of the best freshwater fishing in the state.

Some of the most ideal places for waterfront property in the eastern part of the county is located in Inverness, along the Inverness Pool and Lake Henderson.

Gospel Island offers exclusive privacy without the exclusive price. With only two entrances onto the island, this small strip of land offers residents the "perfect getaway" from the outside world.

Quaint condos and townhouses are located on Pritchard Island, a neat and immaculately kept neighborhood on Gospel Island.

Incredible homesites are located along the banks of the Withlacoochee as well, providing residents with pristine views of Florida's natural environment.

For those seeking peace from the everyday rush of modern life, Citrus County's waterfront scene is a place to look into.

There are many properties available for prospective buyers, but the numbers are dwindling as more and more people discover one of the state's last unblemished natural jewels.

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